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Stay Safe With An Affordable Alarm System

Imagine the horror of coming home and finding your belongings have been rifled through. Your good jewelry is gone. The door has been smashed in, your sense of security shattered. Or, picture yourself waking up in the middle of the night to flames rapidly engulfing your home. These are the nightmares that drive people to invest in good home security and alarm system monitoring. But will these things really help? The answer is yes, especially if a good system has been purchased.

Getting an alarm system without monitoring can be like buying a car without the wheels. The whole idea behind a good system is to have fast access to people who can help when you need it the most. And even to have access to those who can "watch over" your home or business when you're not there.

Security systems that are monitored can be pretty simplistic or very elaborate, depending on what a homeowner or business owner requires. Systems can include such things as:

* Door and window sensors. These trigger a system's alarm if the doors or windows that have sensors on them are opened while the alarm is on. Basic systems, without actual monitoring, will simply trigger an "alarm" sound. Those that are monitored by an outside company will send a signal to the company that there is something amiss at your home or business.

* Motion detectors. These can set off an alarm, and a subsequent call to a monitoring company, if something moves in the house after the alarm's been turned on. These are effective in homes where family members stay out of particular areas when the alarm's on, but they don't work so well when pets set them off. Carefully consider this feature based on your needs and lifestyle.

* Multiple call/key button pads. A typical alarm system will have a master keypad that enables the system to be turned off or on at a set location. Good systems sometimes also come with "panic" pads to have installed in other parts of the home. These pads let a person quickly notify the alarm monitoring company, police or fire if there is an emergency without having to fumble down a hall or the stairs to the main alarm panel.

* Fire/smoke detectors. These aren't always standard in a system, but they're a good idea for obvious reasons.

* Carbon monoxide detectors. This gas is a colorless, odorless killer. Many modern alarm systems include CO detection devices as well.

* Battery back up. This is always a good idea.

Monitoring companies themselves also often sell alarms. They sometimes offer packages that include the system for free if monitoring is purchased for a set period, or they offer discounted monitoring with the purchase of a system.

Having an alarm in and of itself can deter criminals and help serve as an early warning system for you. But, if the alarm goes off and no one notifies the police or fire department, it doesn't good much good. This is where a good alarm system monitoring company comes into play.


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