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Invisible Fences

When people consult with friends and other dog owners about using an invisible fence for containment of their pet, they will be met with a variety of opinions. The primary reason for using an invisible fence is to keep dogs safe while giving them the freedom to run around the yard unencumbered.

Invisible fence systems can be electronic or wireless. Both types have collars worn by the dog and transmitters that send the signal to the receiver. The owner sets the range. The electronic system has an underground fence that is placed around the area that the dog is free to roam. The wireless system transmits the signal to the collar without the use of wires underground. The electronic invisible fence systems are less costly and just as effective as the wireless. It becomes a matter of personal choice.

Electronic invisible fence systems come prepared to protect 1/3-1/2 acres. Additional wire can be purchased and an area up to 25 acres can be enclosed. If there is an issue with the effectiveness of the larger areas, additional transmitters can be purchased.

The function of invisible fence systems is to keep a pet contained in a designated area. The owner sets the boundaries, not the dog. The system can keep the dog from wandering into the street or into an area that the owner wants to maintain without the dog doing damage. This will not only protect the dog, but the owners' property as well.

Invisible fence systems in areas that do not allow physical fencing because of zoning or community restrictions. There is no danger to human beings when the fence is installed and the dogs will not be injured. The initial warning to the dog comes when the dog gets close to the boundary. If the dog ignores the signal, it will get stronger as the dog approaches the boundary and a static correction will occur. This is startling to the dog, but generally does not do any damage to the dog.

As the plan is drawn for the boundary, flags need to be placed along the boundary lines. Once this is done, the dog should be walked along the line to familiarize himself with the signals. This will prevent unnecessary anxiety when the dog is let loose in the yard. It will enable the dog to get used to the warning tones and the static correction that comes later.

When the invisible fence systems are evaluated, be sure that instructions are included for installation of the invisible fences and techniques to train the dog. Both are equally important to the successful use of the invisible fences. They are also less obstructive on the property than privacy fencing or chain link. It will allow an unencumbered view of the property and a safe haven for any pets that are on the property.

It is important that all of the information contained in the packaging be read and adhered to. The size of the dog plays a part in the degree of stimulation that may be needed. This information is available from any company that sells invisible fence systems.


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