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Shopping For a New Dishwasher

Shopping for a new dishwasher is not always an easy task. There are so many factors to think about in finding the right appliance for your household. Cost, load capacity, design, color, features, noisiness, and how well it cleans are just a few of the things consumers have to think about when weighing their options. Now with the rising cost of energy and increasing environmental problems, you may be constantly asking yourself yet one more question during the decision making process. Is the dishwasher eco-friendly?

Appliance manufactures are asking the same questions with increasing frequency when designing their latest models. There are now a large number of affordable dishwashers with a wide array of features that are also friendlier to the environment. Here are five of the best eco-friendly dishwashers that sell for $600 or less.

1. Whirpool Gold GU2300XTV [Q]

This Consumer Reports best buy is an Energy Star model. It features 36 spray jets that remove stubborn food without scrubbing. It has an Adaptive Wash cycle that automatically senses the level of cleaning and wash time needed to save both electricity and water. It sells for about $550.

2. Kenmore 13892

This is another Energy Star model that uses twenty percent less energy than dishwashers without the rating. It's Ultrawash cycle delivers optimum cleaning performance by using the least amount of water and energy needed to get the job done. It's tall tub design also allows you to wash oversized dishes and platters. This dishwasher retails for about $500.

3. GE GLD5900NWW

This large capacity appliance has six wash cycles, including a short and cool cycle for less soiled dishes. This way water and energy are not wasted. It's delayed start feature can also save energy by allowing the user to set the cycle to run when energy rates are lower. This dishwasher also has a sensor that monitors water temperature so that dishes stay sanitized. It sells in the $450 range.

4. Hotpoint HLD4000NWW

This is a simpler model with four wash cycles, but it is also an Energy Star model that uses less water to clean dishes. It has a decent size tub that can wash up to fourteen place settings at once. It has a Triple Water Filtration feature that keeps your water and dishes extra clean. This is not a fancy dishwasher but is a good energy efficient choice for those on a tight budget because it sells for only $380.

5. Bosch SHE33M0[2]UC

This Bosch dishwasher was also named a Consumer Reports best buy. It is Energy Star qualified and uses a combination of features to save water and energy. It's confined heating chamber heats water more efficiently. It contains a sensor that adjusts the amount of water according to the level of soil. It uses condensation drying instead of a traditional drying element to conserve more energy. It is also known for running quietly. It sells for $600.

These are just five of the lower cost models you will find that also have eco-friendly features. There are several more to choose from. Kenmore and Whirlpool are two brands that tend to offer a variety of reasonably priced products. Always look for the Energy Star label, and try to find models with several cycle options so that you can save water when you don't need as much. This is one great way to help the environment and save money on energy costs at the same time.


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