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Buying a new sofa can be an exciting time especially when you have brought it in the sale and you have paid half the price. A sofa can be the focal point of your lounge and it can totally change the look. Once you have made the hardest decision of colour and fabric then you will want it to match the other furniture in the room. More importantly it needs to be colour coordinated, as there is nothing worse than a sofa that sticks out like a sore thumb.

Showing off your new sofa to all your friends and family is great when it's brand new but after a couple of months the sofa can start to get a little dirty. To ensure you keep the quality and freshness of your sofa. Although we don't want to think about this chore too often it really will pay off in the long run.

The first way of keeping your sofa clean is by giving it a good going over when you hoover the carpet. This doesn't have to be on every occasion unless you have pets that lose lots of hair, in which case this needs to be done more regularly. If the cushions of your sofa can be removed then do so and then hoover in the little nooks and crannies where we often find loose change.

When you are on a mission and you are doing a full on spring clean then the sofa does need a little more attention when cleaning. Apart from doing your regular hovering you could also wash down the sofa. This needs to be done on a day that you don't require the sofa for seating purposes as it might take all day to dry. If you have removable cushions then wash these separately and leave these to dry before placing them back on the sofa.

Washing detergent used for your laundry is adequate enough to clean a fabric sofa unless of course you have a different material sofa. Lots of the local supermarkets will offer a range of suitable cleaning products. Under no circumstance should you use a product containing bleach. It has been known to be used on an off white sofa with an unwanted stain on it. This was the worse thing they could have done. The beautiful sofa was totally ruined and had to be rectified by using a throw.

So you do have to be careful when buying a light coloured sofa, particularly white. They can be almost impossible to keep clean unless of course it is just for show and it is never used. You can always flip over the cushions, which will mean you don't have to think about cleaning the cushions quite so often.

Finally it is so important to clean your sofa. Not just for superficial reasons but if left to fester then lots of bacteria can be stored in the sofa which will increase by the minute if neglected. It doesn't have to be done all he time but just enough to keep the quality and cleanliness of the sofa.


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