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Soft Sided Above Ground Pools-Proper Setup

Soft sided above ground pools have grown in popularity in recent years. This is probably due to their affordability and the increasing durability in their production. They go beyond the inflatable kiddy pools of yesterday and are now large enough to satisfy and refresh an entire family with room to spare.

The soft sided above ground pools come in either round or rectangular shapes. They can be found in a variety of sizes and depths. If there is not one to suit the needs of your family, they can be custom made. The larger pools come with a metal frame to increase their tolerance to a fun afternoon in the pool.

Soft above ground pools can be set up on a variety of surfaces. They can be placed on dirt, grass, concrete or gravel. The strength of the material is similar to that of bulletproof vests. The liners are puncture resistant and very durable. With a little help, they can be assembled in just a few hours.

A filter and a pump will be necessary with your pool. This will circulate the water and the chemicals and help to keep the pool sanitary and healthy. The price of the soft sided ground pool, whether round or rectangular above ground pool is less than the hard sided pool and far less than in ground pools.

Once the soft sided pool has been purchased, decide where it will be set it up. The pool is forgiving and will stand where you put it. Decide if the best place for the pool is in a shaded area, a partially shaded area or in full sun. If it is placed under trees, extra work cleaning out twigs and leaves will be necessary.

The filter and pump will have to have electrical access. It will need to placed a safe distance from the electrical outlet, but close enough to have it plugged in safely.

If the soft sided above ground pool is fourteen feet in diameter, leveling and clearing an area that is two feet larger than the pool is necessary. A sixteen-foot square tarp needs to be placed over the area that the pool will sit upon. If the pool is a rectangular above ground pool, the same dimensions need to be taken into consideration. This will allow easier mowing and safer entry into the pool.

The decision for pool shape and size will depend on the available area that it can be set up. There is no doubt that the addition of a soft sided above ground pool that is circular or a rectangular above ground pool will be a welcome addition to any yard.

It is also important to check with property codes. In some localities, it is necessary to have a fence surrounding the pool area. Once this is done, construction of the pool can begin and the summer fun for the family and friends can become a reality. Choose carefully. The more that is learned about pool safety the better the summer can be.


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