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Thinking Through the Value of Charcoal Water Filters

When you start researching the best kinds of home water filtering systems, you will hear a lot about charcoal water filters. Its a good idea to know more about how charcoal water filters work so you can make an informed decision before you invest in your own water filtration system.

Many people know that charcoal itself is the outcome of a process of where organic matter and wood are heated together in an oxygen free system. One of the most useful products of that comes out of that process is charcoal because it has a lot of diverse uses including charcoal water filters.

Charcoal often has air pockets buried inside the hard black material. Along with how well charcoal burns, the characteristic that makes it so great in the form of a charcoal water filter is it traps gases and contaminants in as water passes through the filter.

A charcoal water filter uses a variation on the material called activated charcoal. Activated charcoal has been processed so it even more porous than conventional charcoal. That additional processing makes activated charcoal very good at trapping unwanted substances that are in the water.

Activated charcoal water filters can absorb a tremendous amount of substances and trap contaminants for quite some time before you should change the filter out. For example, just one cc or charcoal can trap 90 times that much water contaminants in a very small space. That makes an activated charcoal water filter a tremendously efficient water purification system.

Charcoal water filters do not filter out the natural minerals in your drinking water. We get a lot of minerals from drinking water that are essential to health. If a water filtration system removes those minerals, you would have to replace that source of nutrition.

When shopping for a water purification system, you can have confidence if you consider use the charcoal water filter approach to water purity. It is a design of water purification that has been in use for quite some time and it has been proven time and time again to be reliable and healthy in keeping your water healthy for you and your family to drink.


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