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Using a Refrigerator Water Filter to Fight Water Contamination

It is fairly common for a city to use a lake or reservoir to hold the city water supply. When the summer sun warms the lake water, this unpleasant taste permeates all of the water in the lake.

That taste can easily affect the taste of the water from water taps all over town. A refrigerator water filter is able to eliminate that bad taste and any dangerous contamination that might have come along with it from the lake bottom.

Most farming these days is done on large-scale corporate farms. This type of agriculture requires lots of chemicals including pesticides and fertilizers. These chemicals are either absorbed into the groundwater or run off into the nearest stream or river.

Unfortunately, this polluted water often makes its way into the water supply of towns and cities downstream from the farm, even hundreds of miles away. City water treatment plants may be unprepared to adequately purify this water for human consumption.

Heavy metals such as lead and mercury are another disturbing intruder into tap water. These are often difficult or even impossible to detect when drinking the water. The damage they might do to your system is a real cause for worry. Some minerals should be in the water because they are healthy for us to drink. A well designed refrigerator water filter is able to filter out the heavy metals while leaving the healthy minerals alone.

These days, we all try to take advantage of anything we can find to stay healthy. Nobody wants to have to worry about whether our public water supply is safe to drink. We want to be absolutely confident that any harmful chemicals or pollutants have been eliminated from the water before we drink it.

A refrigerator water filter can give us peace of mind every day that the water we are drinking is not only safe, but pleasant and satisfying. It is far better to invest in a good refrigerator water filter now instead of waiting until a water contamination emergency.


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