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Various Styles of Indoor Lighting

Are you looking to decorate or redecorate your house? Would you like to add that stylish flair to it that makes it even more beautiful? We at Estelles Lighting realize that each room in your house needs lighting according to its purpose and we provide you with the best collection of lighting fixtures and solutions available in the market today.

Indoor Lighting is a modern necessity but not many people take advantage of the vast array of indoor lighting fixtures available in the market today. Proper indoor lighting can bring your entire house to life- one room at a time. Estelles Lighting helps you choose a modern design suitable to your budget and with very little effort involved. We give you ideas that can make any home look more inviting and stylish at the same time.

There are many different types of indoor lighting. For example, there is Task Lighting which helps you perform a specific activity such as reading, by concentrating light in a particular place. Then there is Decorative Lighting which includes lighting fixtures like chandeliers and candelabras to give your home that extra oomph. Other types of lighting include Mood Lighting, Ambience Lighting etc.

Natural light is the best light that you can decorate your house with. Natural light creates a better living environment by making spaces visually interesting and also there is the added bonus of reducing your energy consumption. Skylights, often called roof windows, are unique features that lend your rooms a cheerful air and a sense of spaciousness. The location of the skylight should be based on sun angle, prevailing wind direction, light distribution pattern and the effect on home décor. Skylights come in various shapes like rectangular, square, triangular, circular or any other shape that you can come up with. Skylights can be flat glass or domed acrylic as well. Skylights can be used in your family rooms, atriums, kitchens even attics.

Wall Lights
The latest trend in indoor lighting is wall lights. They give a sophisticated charm to your house and they are a great way to adorn your empty walls. Wall fixtures include wall sconces, wall lamps etc. Estelles Lighting offers you an exclusive range of designer wall lights that give your home a warm inviting atmosphere. While traditional brass wall sconces continue to be in popular demand, there is an increase in painted metal and nickel or pewter finishes today as well. Wall lights can be used in hallways, drawing rooms, stairways etc. They are incredibly versatile and can be used for ambient, task or accent lighting.

Tree Lighting
Tree lighting doesn't have to be done just during Christmas. Your indoor trees can make interesting indoor lighting fixtures as well. By merely adding a string of simple white lights, an indoor tree can become the focal point of a room. By adding a small decorative mirror behind the plant, you can create a glowing effect that brings out the greenery and hence brings the room to life.

Ceiling Lighting
Ceiling lighting is a great way to set a mood, create an atmosphere and make a statement. The choices of styles in ceiling lighting are endless! Ceiling light fixtures provide the best overall lighting making general tasks easier. The great thing about ceiling fixtures is that they are available in any style imaginable and can be used to decorate any room. For example, a stylish pendant can be used in the kitchen or to add flair to the bar area. You have choice from a wide variety of ceiling fixtures here at Estelles Lighting. All you have to do is choose the perfect fixture to add that flair and beauty to your home.

Indoor lighting products help you to decorate your home and help you to make your home bright. Buy Indoor Lighting from the company that has good repute in the market for giving lighting solutions.

About Estelles Lighting: Estelles Lighting, Inc. is acknowledged in the market for our professional approach in the supply of Light fixtures. We supply all kind of lamps, ballasts, tubes, and nearly all types of associated accessories. Estelles Lighting, Inc. expansive warehouse stocks most if not all kinds of light bulbs that are at guaranteed to have competitive prices with quick delivery. For more information visit


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